Spray Tanning at The Strand

It's time to get your tan at The Strand!

Our esthetician, Diona, explains the process.

Diona was trained by a woman who spray tans contestants on Dancing with the Stars. The process is precise with no drips, runs or smell. 

South Seas has one tone but depending on the client's needs, it can be layered for a darker tan. It's an alcohol-free solution, so it's not drying to the skin, giving you a healthy glow. 

To prepare for the tan be sure to:

  • Exfoliate, wax and/or shave
  • Don't use lotion
  • Wear loose fitting clothing (a t-shirt and shorts is the best option), tight fitting clothing will smear the tan
  • Bring a hair tie and flip flops

Be sure to leave the tan on for 8-10 hours so that it develops. Once you rinse, pat dry and moisturize your skin everyday. Your tan will typically last 4-7 days. If you have a special event be sure to get your spray tan 1-2 days before.